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clean go

The powder coated mild steel Clean Go Filtration Unit with integrated powerful 1.1kw direct driven fan is manufactured from a robust powder coated mild steel body mounted on four castors.  The unit draws the contaminated air at source via the self articulated NS150 x 3.3m Extraction Arm.  The air then passes through the filtration media of the cartridges, followed by the activated charcoal filter (to remove gas and ozone) before discharging the cleaned air back to atmosphere.

The key feature of the Clean Go unit is the facility to change both the Activated Charcoal and Cartridge Filters separately, keeping maintenance costs to an absolute minimum, thus ensuring that the filtration media is kept clean and the high level of performance maintained.  The unit comes complete with an electric control panel with on/of switch and hour timer requiring a 3 phase or single phase 110v power supply.

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The Universal Extraction Arm provides an economic solution for the capture of dust and fumes at source.  The arm is manufactured from powder coated mild steel tube (stainless steel or aluminum available at request) and is supplied complete with cast aluminum external joints and polycarbonate capture hood.

Each friction joint is mounted outside the air stream resulting in a quick and simple re tensioning procedure and also ensures maximum unobstructed airflow.  Each arm is also supplied complete with integrated damper to ensure the airflow can be regulated.

The Universal range of arms is compatible with many products including:

    Light Kit                                   Wall brackets Universal Fans                                        Extension Booms
    Fume Filter Units                     Dust Filter Units
    Oil Mist Filter Units
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The new generation of patented Evolution No Smoke Arms represents probably the smoothest extraction arm available on the market today.

The Evolution self encased mechanism is not only easy to adjust, move, position and manipulate but also provides safer working. All joints are located externally to simplify adjustments thus ensuring unobstructed airflow.

The Evolution range of arms is compatible with many products including:

    Light Kit                                   Wall brackets
    Universal Fans                        Extension Booms
    Fume Filter Units                     Dust Filter Units
    Oil Mist Filter Units
    Sizes available:                       100 dia, 125 dia, 150 dia, 180 dia, 200 dia and
                                                    new Unique 250 dia arm
    Lengths available:                   1.3m – 4.0m
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The Probis Flexible Extraction Arm represents the best technical solution and versatility for fume and light dust extraction from varying applications such as soldering, laboratory vapour, electronics in general, small scale craftwork, goldsmithery, dental and analytical laboratories, beauty salons etc.

Contaminated air is entrained via one of the six types of hoods, interchangeable according to the type of use.   The hood can rotate 3600 about its axis.  From the hood the air passes through anodised aluminum pipework with articulated joints to a centralised exhaust system or to one of Dustolex’s special F20 or F40 self contained exhaust units.

In additional to various types of hoods available, the circular hood can be fitted with a halogen low voltage light for increased visibility.

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The brand new portable fan DF/S model is suitable for suction of fumes, gases, dusts, polluted air, small pneumatic transport of light dusts, air blowing  etc. Suitable in all cases where a quick solution or a simple installation of the fan is required.

Thanks to the minimum weight and dimensions, the DF/S unit can be easily carried, very practical and handy it is equipped with a special support so that it can be positioned in many directions.

The special centrifugal electro fan with open blades impeller, built in painted steel sheet thanks to the high pressure created, allows an excellent suction also with a flexible hose of considerable length.

The DF/S unit is complete with protection grate on air inlet and outlets, is supplied normally in single phase version 220v with on/off switch on the motor or 3 phase 220/380v 50 Hz.  On demand we can supply motors with other voltages and 60Hz frequency.

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The powder coated mild steel cased centrifugal fan, with paddle bladed impeller is powered by a powerful 1Hp direct driven motor requiring an 110V/1Ph/50Hz power supply. Installed directly on to the motor is a thermal On/Off switch, 3M length of electric cable & 16 Amp Plug. The fan comes complete with rubber coated carry handle, multi positional tubular support frame and fine wire mesh inlet/outlet guards to protect the impeller from large pieces of particulate.

The fan shall be supplied complete with powder coated mild steel magnetic capture hood, 5M of both 150mm inlet and outlet flameproof flexible hose plus associated quick release clips.


Dustolex cartridges are designed for industrial applications in various sectors including:  Welding – Woodworking – Plastic – Electronics – Pharmaceutical – Chemical – Metal Working – Sanding – Food and Beverage – Painting.

The production range features a wide variety of diameters from 100mm – 660mm, width up to 2000mm. The filtering surfaces are very big compared to traditional filter bags.

Problem free installation, careful construction, low consumption of compressed air needed for cleaning and competitive prices complete the most evident characteristics of our filter cartridges.  Each filtering element can be equipped with over 100 models of fastening flanges. Only top quality filtering materials such as polyester, polypropylene and cellulose are employed.  We offer a wide range of finish treatments including Teflon-coating, waterproofing, oil proofing, flame retarding treatment, anti-static coating etc.

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Our range of benches have been developed for use mainly in Welding, Sanding, Grinding & Mixing operations throughout industry.  The range of benches including our BS, BSW, Polival, BSW/P & Polijet units are constructed from a galvanised mild steel pre fabricated panel sections and can usually withstand  a uniformly distributed load of up to 350kg/M2. 

All benches work on the same principle of high velocity extraction down through the aspiration table, capturing and removing the dust or fume laden air before the air reaches the operators breathing zone.  The polluted air depending upon the type of bench can either be ducted to a centralised system, filtered and returned to atmosphere using an integrated filter and fan set system within the bench.  Our range of benches include many different types of filter depending upon application, including simple panel filters, pocket filters with manual or automatic shaker cleaning devices or our range of Cartridge filters with automatic reverse jet cleaning systems.

Accessories including integrated extraction arms, fans, after filters, silencers and extraction wall are also available.

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