Garage extraction systems

hose reels

Dustolex provide a wide range of hose reels specifically designed for direct removal of fumes from motor vehicles. They are ideally suited for both workshops and garages on both car and commercial vehicles.

The following options are available:-

  • Mechanical Spring Return Reels
  • Mechanical Spring Return Reels with Fan
  • Mechanical Spring Return Reels with Trolley unit for use with Sliding Track
  • Motorised Spring Return Reels – Remote Control Optional
  • Motorised Spring Return with Fan - Remote Control Optional
  • Motorised  Spring Return Reels with Trolley unit for use with Sliding Track (as per image) - Remote Control Optional

All the above units come with various options of Hose ranging from 60mm diameter up to 150mm diameter with options from 7m length up to 13m manufactured from various materials to suit the exact application.

  • motorised reel img


The Blindair overhead track system is basically an overhead modular duct manufactured from extruded aluminium to form a rail to allow free movement of the mobile trolley unit. The mobile trolley passes through two rubber lips fitted on the lower edge of the Blindair track, the negative pressure within form a tight seal.

The advantage of this system allows the Hose Reel to be positioned local to the Fume source with ease thus allows the workshop areas to be more flexibly used.

The Blindair system can be wall / ceiling mounted or even mounted on a specially designed gantry. More than one carriage can be employed.  Not only Hose Reels can be connected to the carriage but our range of Extraction Arms easily adapt giving the whole system complete flexibility. The standard system is available in 2m, 4m and 6m lengths.

  • motorised reel img







  • sliding system img


To compliment the Hose Reel range we have a full range of accessories including various types of Exhaust pipe connection nozzles manufactured from materials such as Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium and Rubber.

accessories img 1 accessories img 2 accessories img 3

A full range of Portable Fan units are available with varying Nozzles, Flex and Connections.

accessories img 4 accessories img 5 accessories img 6

Service Centers and Booms a full range available.

accessories img 7 accessories img 8 accessories img 9